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“This was the best photography experience I’ve had in years!  Alex was flexible with my choice of location, which involved walking around and waiting for my kids to cooperate.  Alex was calm and patient with us, and after seeing the final products, I am overjoyed with my choice of photographer! Alex is simply amazing and has a great eye for bringing out the best shots!”

Shannon Cash
Alex Shelley Birth Photography Pearson Birth Story

Our photos are so beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!


Rachel Pearson

I have no words, just tears!! Alex, these are absolutely stunning!!! 110% exceeded all expectations! Thank you so so much!

The Bow Box Co.

Thank you, thank you!!! I can’t tell you how special the pictures of my parents are to me. They have literally not had professional pictures of just the two of them since they were married.  Since my dad’s heart attack and heart surgery this year, I’m just thankful that you were able to capture those moments. Looking at them gave me goosebumps.

Lydia Boxerman

Alex Shelly took the time to get to know us before our shoot. The time she took beforehand absolutely showed in her work. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. She’s a true professional with a talent that will make you, your family or your business look amazing!

Beth Dickerson, Right Hand Doulas


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