Every good and perfect gift comes from above. ~ James 1:17

When Jonathan and Chelsea started planning to add to their family, they didn’t know how much this scripture would mean to their experience.

The couple met in college and were a pair from the get go.  Chelsea, a bubbly, bright -eyed girl who found the humor and goodness in everything, and Jon, the rugged but kind quiet-type who played well off of Chelsea’s sense of humor and light.

Both had a strong faith throughout their college years and regularly met at the BSM at Tarleton State University for lunch, community, and faith-based discussion.

Today, they spend their free time volunteering at their church,  being restaurant foodies, and planning their small family – which started with a pig named Pepper.

When the Brookshires decided to add a baby to the family, doctor’s told them it wouldn’t be an easy process.  Chelsea had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormone issue that can cause infertility.

There were a few medical options they could choose from to let them conceive, but  Jon and Chelsea decided to leave it to God.

After a few months passed, Chelsea scheduled an appointment with a fertility doctor.  Unfortunately, her doctor couldn’t do anything for her…

Chelsea was already pregnant!


Both she and Jon knew, this good and perfect gift came from above.
The Brookshire family will welcome their sweet miracle in May of 2017.

Pepper Pig is excited, too.


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