When you are married to a high school coach, you become part of a much larger family.  It’s a family that gets together every Friday night. You cheer and celebrate the wins of life together, and you support each other through tough changes and losses.  No matter where a coach may move, they are forever a part of your family.

The Kinnan’s are part of our family.

I was thrilled when Samantha & Ryan announced there would be a new addition to the family, and even more excited that I was able to document Ryker James’s arrival with birth photography.

While our husbands worked up in the box or down on the field, Samantha, the other wives, and I spent Friday nights in stadiums with our kids. They came to our wedding and we sat in the family corner at sports banquets together.  Then my husband changed schools.  As I said before, no matter where a coach may move, they are forever part of your family.  So this birth is personal.

There at the hospital, Samantha and Ryker were surrounded by the most wonderful and loving family. There Ryker met his two big sisters, his grandparents, and aunt.   They aboslutley loved him so! Especialy Sadie, who kept close watch over him as the nurses and doctors checked up on him.

Little does Ryker know that there is another family so happy to see his arrival, too.

Congratulations, Kinnan’s! Welcome to the family, Ryker!

For best viewing, set to HD 1080p

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