The New Member of the Family

When you are married to a high school coach, you become part of a much larger family.  It’s a family that gets together every Friday night. You cheer and celebrate the wins of life together, and you support each other through tough changes and losses.  No matter where a coach may move, they are forever a part of your family.

The Little Black Dress

Every woman has one or should have one.  It is the one staple item that can take every woman from jeans & t-shirt, plain Jane to confident, glamorous, and sexy in an hour.

Happily Ever After Begins Here


You are in love.

You’ve been dreaming of this day forever.

Free Photos for Autism Awareness

Long ago, when I worked for a small-town Texas newspaper, I spent a lot of time in the schools and the community.  It was a small town, and the paper covered far more about the people in it than politics and crime.  On one of my school event visits, I was covering a new outdoor learning garden one class was planting.

One little boy caught my attention.  He was meticulous about planting his seeds.  Well, anyone who knows me knows how I feel about my garden. It is a true labor of love and I’m a little obsessed.  This child was my kindred garden spirit!

Free Portraits for Organ Donors

When I woke up today I blindly reached for my phone as always, opened one eye and clicked on the Facebook app. One post got me up out of bed so fast it was like my kid was screaming in the next room.  You know those wake ups!

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time writing a long post for you about my two favorite causes and freebies I’m giving away this month.  This morning, because of that Facebook post, I scrapped it.  There was a much better story to tell.

Skin-to-Skin: A Doula’s Duty

Last week was World Doula Week

A whole week to celebrate and empower the dedication and service of doulas to expectant mothers across the globe.  They really deserve a month.

Growing in 2017

Top Five Goals To Grow On

The coach and the kiddo are back in school so it’s time to take a moment to set some goals for 2017!  With 365 days to do all the things, anything could happen, and it’s best to have a little bit of direction.