Photos in Fairmont Fort Worth

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Robin, it is one you will never forget.   An afternoon photographing Robin & her girls was so much fun, and photographing in Fairmont was the perfect location.


We met on Fort Worth’s South Side and wandered around the beautiful historical neighborhood.  Fairmont reminds me of the neighborhood where I grew up in San Antonio. It’s Full of that old charm you only see in movies these days.


Once upon a time, I was a member of the Fort Worth South, Inc. Marketing Committee. Then, Magnolia was just on the cusp of being the place to be in Fort Worth.  While everywhere else in Tarrant County is being torn down to put up new subdivisions with cookie cutter houses, the residents of Fairmont are breathing new life into these old, unique, craftsman style homes and keeping that old Fort Worth Charm.

I have always loved wandering this neighborhood, and knowing Robin’s personality, it was the perfect place to photograph her girls.


Robin is one of those people who is a life force.  She may not appear so at first, but give her a few minutes and you’ll be hooked.  Much like the Fairmont District, she is unique and full of that special charm.  She finds the humor in everything and is unapologetically silly, which is one of the many things I love about her.  Whether she is doing her best Will Ferrel character impression or belting out a Pat Benetar favorite at Karaoke, you can’t help but have fun and be a bit happier in her presence.


While they each have their own characteristics, her girls are just the same.

Avery is a sweet and quiet girl.  She is shy at first, but after a little while she opens up and shares her kind heart with a just a hint of well-delivered wit and sarcasm with a straight face, which of course, sets off a chain of laughter.


Landry, on the other hand, is a mini Robin.


Landry has inherited her mother’s silliness and that unapologetic ability to make you laugh with the same wit as her sister.  She has a lot of stories and enjoys telling you about the latest thing she learned or experienced.


Like all sisters, Avery & Landry don’t always get along.  During our shoot, the idea of holding hands was just too much for Avery, but little sister Landry just wants to be like her big sister.  Although when no one is paying attention, they have fun goofing off together.


One thing is for certain, these three girls have dynamic as unique and vibrant as Magnolia Avenue.

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