Cheer Photos: The Sophie


I am so thankful to have connected with a group of competitive cheer girls.  Tween photography and teen photography is one of my favorites to shoot, but cheer photos for Instagram take it to a new level of fun.

While 'competitive' may lead you to believe otherwise, these girls are awesome, sweet, and really into lifting others to greater heights, and I'm not just talking about the cheer flyers.

Especially Sophie.
Sophie is a doll who is spunky, bright, and has just enough sass to make photo sessions fun.

When taking tweens, teens, and older kids' photos, I try to let them take ownership of their portrait sessions.  Doing this not only makes them comfortable in front of the camera, but it also opens up that opportunity for personality and confidence to shine as bright as possible in their photographs.

And let me tell you, Sophie's certainly did.

She had so many creative ideas that we tested and captured.  Some photographs I directed to get specific shots, and others photos I just let Sophie have the freedom to make decisions about her vision for her  portraits.

Now, I have to brag: Sophie has so much fun at her portrait session that her mom called to tell me Sophie thought I was one of the best photographers.  Honestly, it had nothing to do with my work, but everything to do with how much Sophie enjoyed her photography session.


 I'd say her vision for her competitive cheer and Instagram brand ambassador portraits turned out as fun and bright as Sophie.

Are you a brand ambassador on Instagram or would you like to be? Call today to create a plan for your portraits.   We'll get creative and let your photos highlight your personality.

much love, alex