The Rest of the Birth Story


Last week I shared a Father's Birth Story about baby Samuel's birth.

Did you think that was the end of this birth story?

It's not!

When you have an eventful birth like Rachel did, there are quite a few opening stories.

When Rachel and I discussed the details of her birth story, she shared one point: her other children weren't going to be there.

I thought that was such a smart plan.  As a mom of only one, I know it's impossible to simply go to the bathroom by yourself without your kid immediately barging in and asking for something.  Now change "one" to "four" and "bathroom" to "birth".

Yeah. Rachel planned that quite well. Especially considering her birth turned into an emergency c-section.

All that being said, births are about family.

You know those babies were just as excited about their new sibling being born as mom & dad.  So we couldn't just leave the story hanging.  This birth photographer has to tell the whole story and meeting one's brothers and sisters is such an important part!


The morning after Samuel's birth, I arrived at the hospital about an hour before his siblings were to arrive. Rachel and Samuel were enjoying some snuggling and Rachel was smitten.  She couldn't take her eyes off him.

Samuel was amazingly alert with his beautiful eyes open, taking it all in.  It's amazing how strong he was being just a few hours old.


Rachel is a natural mother. After four other children, there was no hesitation, no fear of handling this tiny precious baby.  Looking through these photographs, you can see she radiates so much strength and love in every photograph.  Rachel is the kind of mom friend all first-time mothers need in their lives.  She's so very experienced that her advice is never unsolicited and always from an experienced and caring heart. New moms need that kind of friend.

One thing was apparent, though - Rachel knew to hold her babies as much as you can because they're only this little for a very short time.  And so she did.


Big sister and brothers arrived!


They were so excited to see Samuel.  They brought him gifts, sharing little toys and trinkets special to them including a little baby doll that showed years of love.

Rachel laid Samuel on a pillow in front of her as the kids gathered around her bed.  Her face beamed with happiness.


They all admired his tiny hands and itty bitty feet. They counted 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes. They felt his soft tuft of newborn hair.


Seth took the kids down to the lobby to get Nana, who had just arrived.

One brother stayed behind.  Shyly, he climbed up next to Rachel in the hospital bed and snuggled under her arm. Together they happily watched over Samuel as he slept on the pillow in front of them.


After everyone returned with Nana, there was a short, excited greeting, but their attention was quickly taken over by curiosity. Hospitals have lots of things that peak the curiosity of little minds.

To celebrate the special day, Seth took a few of the kids to the old-time popcorn machine in the lobby of Harris Methodist.


Nana took over snuggle duties and showered her new grandson with lots of love only as a grandmother can. Watching Nana with Samuel, you could see where Rachel got her kind spirit and love of children.  It was like watching Rachel with Samuel just a few moments before.


Seth and the kids arrived with a giant bag of popcorn that the gracious popcorn maker had given them. He promptly handed out boxes of popcorn to each kid.

It was now officially a party and the best day ever for the Pearson Family.


As her children sat around her, you could see Rachel could not be happier than she was at that moment.


This was the greatest love story of her life.

Welcome to the world, Samuel Wayne! You are loved!