Fall Photo Outfits Made Easy!

Fall Family Sessions are just around the corner, and at the top of everyone's mind is the EXACT SAME thought: What in the heck are we going to wear??

Now, you have searched Pinterest for this answer, right?

You have read countless blog posts by photographers across the nation.

You know that you're supposed to choose layers, clothes that flatter your figure, and colors that coordinate, but aren't matchy-matchy.

But the question still lingers...

WHAT are we going to wear???


Am I right?

I am going to steer you in the right direction to make this year's fall family photo outfits so simple AND easy to put together.


Twice a year, design nerds everywhere get so very excited. I mean, we get as excited as a Harry Potter fan at a new movie release. Not just graphic designers, but fashion designers, furniture designers, and interior designers alike. Other than creativity, there is one universal element that brings us all together: PANTONE.

Pantone Coffee Mug
Pantone Coffee Mug

You've seen these on Pinterest, Zulily, and Instagram. You know, those cute cups and cards with color blocks, featuring a random number like this one I found on Amazon?

Yeah, that's Pantone. Pantone is the world's best authority on all things color. Pantone takes beautiful colors, names them, and most importantly, put them into a magical coded system so that technology knows exactly how to read your color. The Pantone Color Guide is the I Ching of color.

But Alex, what does all this have to do with our Family Photos?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Every year Pantone releases two color trend forecasts: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. And guess what? EVERYONE takes note, specifically, textile producers and fashion designers. From Nordstrom to Target, you can shop the Pantone Colors for Fall 2017 in stores NOW!

Check out these gorgeous color choices you can find EVERYWHERE now!


The beauty of this Fall Fashion Color Report is ALL the colors of the Pallet COORDINATE! Making it so simple for you to pick the perfect color scheme for your outfits and not be matchy-matchy.

Yesterday, I even went shopping for you to show you that all these colors are in the stores! Click on the image and the caption will tell you where to find it!

Now bookmark, pin, or save this post, and take it with you to the stores. Use it as your shopping road map for your fall photo outfits!

When in doubt, send selfies to your photographer. We are happy to help! Bonus! Next time you're doing family photos, just head to Pantatone.com and check out the latest fashion color report. BTW, there's one pallete for the USA, and one for the UK!

Just a few more tips to consider when you're shopping to help you look fabulous:
  1.  A blazer makes any man, young or old, look like the most interesting man in the world. Even if there's just a t-shirt underneath, it really ups the ante on your photos and puts a nice polish on your men.
  2.  The most flattering skirt length is knee-length or longer; however, if you love to show off those gams, do it.
  3. While I know loose-fitting clothes make us FEEL comfortable, they don't flatter. They leave you shapeless and can make you appear heavier than you actually are. I know your fear: "my fat rolls will show". Pick a good fit that isn't too tight, and trust me, it will flatter what your mama gave you. Should we capture a small bulge, don't worry, that's what Photoshop is for. (Yeah, I'm that photographer. :-) )
  4. Close-toed shoes are awesome, for men, women, and children. Not only do they elongate the leg and make you appear taller, they polish, y'all.
  5. Research shows you do not have to be a size 2 to be sexy; you only need the appearance of a waist. Whether you create a waist by using a darker color around your middle, a belt, or even just your hands, that's all human perception needs to see beauty. 
  6. Be YOU! Everyone else is taken.

If you have yet to book your fall family session, I still have a few weekend days open so you can get your cards out by Thanksgiving! Yes! You can be that person! We also have two mini-session days so you can save a lot and get a lot! You can find out more here: Alex Shelley Photography Fall Harvest Mini Sessions  Book before Oct. 1 and get some pretty sweet gifts just for booking!

much love, Alex