Fall Photo Sessions


There are only seven weeks till Thanksgiving, and only 11 till Christmas.  As of right now, there are only four weekend days available on my calendar between now and Thanksgiving for your Fall photographs.

Originally, I set up two mini session days for fall family photographs. but you know what? I don't like doing those days. I don't want to rush people through, moving whole families in and out in 20 minutes. That's not fair, and in reality, it doesn't save you any money. It just gives you less.  There is no value in less. If you want three digital photos for cards and that's it, cool. You do you. I'm just not that kind of photographer.

If you want more with personalized value, you came to the right place.

Why did I set up those mini session days then? Sometimes as business owners it is easy to follow the popular practice, the status quo of other photographers.  Sure, a day of minis brings in quick money in one day, but I'm more interested in you. It's not about the money; it's about a relationship with you, me, and my camera, and your portraits.  I want to watch your children grow from year to year, to celebrate your life's blessings with you.  I want to invest my work in you and your life to create heirloom memories of you.  That can't happen in a 20-minute mini session.

After some reflection of my core values me and what I hope Alex Shelley Photography means for you, scrapping the mini sessions was the right thing to do.  You want to value your photographs for your investment.  You want to enjoy them, and keep those memories to reflect on as time goes by.  No matter what you do in life, photographs are the story of your legacy and your family.  Your grandchildren will tell their grandchildren stories about you, and the conversation will most likely start with your photograph.  That alone is the reason for the business model at Alex Shelley Photography.  Without these framed portraits on the wall, the legacy of your story will fade into forgotten memories over time. There's no value in that.

So how can you save?

Until November 21st, you can book a full session with me for the same price as a mini-session complete with holiday cards.  That is an hour+ session for an unlimited number of people uniquely deisgned and planned for your family's personality.  You can just grab the cards and only purchase what you want, or simply pick one of three packages. Every package includes the session fee and one of our museum grade archival framed prints and over $100 worth of savings.

You can find out all the details for your Fall Family Session below.   If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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