Birth Photography

The birth of a child is the greatest
love story of your life.


Your beautiful, tiny baby, which took months of love and care to create, will join this wonderful world in one fleeting moment.  It is the one time you are forced to live in the moment rather than focus on the details - many of which are missed during the event.

As a birth photographer, my mission is to document every precious moment and emotion of your birth story so that you may visually reflect on this wonderful day, the moment their story begins,  and treasure them for years to come.


What story do you want to tell?

Not every birth is the same, nor is every birth story.  Some mothers value every detail of their birth, and others just want a little more privacy to their story.  No matter which story you choose to tell,  I would love to photograph the greatest love story of your life.


Birth Photography Story Options

welcome home

For those who want every detail and more

From announcing your pregnancy to bringing baby home for the first time, this is an exciting and monumental life event. Your story includes:

  • Pregnancy or Gender Reveal Mini Session
  • Maternity Mini with Makeup Artist
  • The Birth Story birth photography
  • Four Hours of family photojournalism your first day home with your new baby
  • Video Slide Show of your complete story


 Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories
 Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories

birth story

For those who want to photograph the whole story

There is no greater moment in parents' life than the birth of a child. Emotions run the gamut during these moments, and the Birth Story session captures them all. Your birth story includes:

  • Coverage of active labor & delivery
  • The first few hours after delivery while you bond with your baby
  • Family’s arrival to meet your new bundle
  • Video Slideshow of your birth story



new arrival

For those who prefer to keep the delivery a private affair,

The new arrival session simply focuses on the details after your baby is born, not the whole birth.  Once you have rested and recouped, we spend up to two hours photographing that special time in the hospital or at home while you bond with your baby.

This package is unique and flexible; use it right after your baby is born for a Fresh 48, or wait a few days after you’re home and rested.
The New Arrival session is perfect for adoptions!


 Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories

Birth Story Gift Registry

We understand birth photography is an investment; almost as big as your wedding. To help offset your costs and get the story & products your heart desires, you can set up a payment plan or take advantage of our birth registry to which your friends and family can contribute to your birth photography as shower gifts. A $250 retainer is required at the time of booking to secure your due date.  Your session fee must be paid in full no later than four weeks prior to your session date.  Register for as much or as little as you like.



Birth Print Packages


Every Package includes A handcrafted album, framed artwork, and our signature cotton prints 

Packages include The Birth Story session fee.


Package 1 $2799

11x14 60-page Bowery Book or 30-Page Soho Album
5x7 Edited Parent Album for the grands
11x14 Framed Wall Art
One Three-5x7 Framed Collage
Two 8x10 Framed Wall Art
Ten 5x7 Cotton prints
Digital files of your Birth
Video Slideshow of your Story


Package 2 $2099

8x10 40-page Bowery Book or 20-Page Soho Album
One 11x14 Framed Wall Art
8x10 Framed Wall Art
Two 8x10 Cotton Prints
Eight 5x7 Cotton Prints
Digital files of your birth
Video Slideshow of your story


Package 3 $1699

8x10 40-page Bowery Book or 20-Page Soho Album
One 8x10 Framed Wall Art
Six 5x7 Cotton Prints
Video Slideshow of your story



What our birth moms are saying


Treasure your birth

Learn more about our archival products to keep your Birth Story safe and close to your heart for many years to come, just like your baby.  Don't forget your birth announcement cards!


We can't wait to capture your story.