The birth of a child is the greatest love story of your life.

Are you an Alex Shelley mother or mother-to-be?

  • Do you value the little things in life, like special moments and everyday blessings?
  • Are your most prized possessions family and friends?
  • Do you appreciate someone tending to the details and taking care of the hassles so you have one less thing to do?
  • Are you afraid of missing important and special moments of your new baby’s birth?
  • Do you want to look back on your child’s arrival in 10, 20, or more years?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are an Alex Shelley mom!

The Birth Story Philosophy

Your beautiful, tiny baby, which took months of love and care to create, will join this wonderful world in one fleeting moment.   It is the one time you are forced to live in the moment rather than focus on the details – many of which are missed during the event.

As a photographer, my mission is to document every precious moment and emotion of your birth story so that you may visually reflect on this wonderful day and treasure them for years to come.

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Why Alex Shelley Photography?

One thing clients agree on is I’m is not just your birth photographer, but I become a friend.  No longer is a stranger photographing your special and vulnerable event. I spend time getting to know you both before and during your birth.  While some photographers only shoot for a set number of hours in your plan, I stay until your story is told.  THIS is how I am able to capture the many emotional photographs in your birth story that move your heart each time you reflect on this miraculous moment of your life.


Tell Your Birth Story

Not every birth is the same, nor is every birth story.  There are a variety of birth photography packages to fit your style, comfort, and budget.  No matter which story you choose to tell, every birth package includes a beautiful handmade album of all your photographs, your own personal video, and more!

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Currently only photographing 20 births per year.

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